How God has Led us in the Past



Nov – 2005   --- Purchased Dowdy Property
This property had a swimming pool that had been used for baptisms.  
It has since been removed due liability issues.

Sep – 2006  ----- Purchased the Harris Propertyf
After purchasing the Dowdy property, the pastor contacted Mr. Harris 
and asked about us buying his property – answer was a ‘NO’.   After working on the Dowdy property in the summer of 2006 and becoming friends with Mr. Harris, Glenn Belz asked him about buying his property.  After several conversations, he finally committed to a sale.

Sep – 2008 ------ Renovations to Dowdy house completed – C/O obtained
The driveway was widened, parking installed, and house fitted to city specifications for a commercial building.

Dec – 2008 ------ Total Property Tax Exemption obtained
After considerable red tape, we finally obtained our tax exempt status from the county tax appraisal board.

Jul – 2009 -------- Accident with power source caused fire damage to Dowdy house
Panel truck delivery for pathfinders took out the power line into the house causing a small fire and resulting damage.

Dec – 2009 ------- Purchased the ‘strip’ along Lakeridge Parkway
This was the last piece of property in God’s plan.  It gave us about 500 feet of frontage on the future Lakeridge Parkway.  We had tried to get our building project started prior to this, but it just seemed that obstacles always prevented our progress.   Now we know why.

Mar – 2010 ----- Demolition of Harris House
The city was very good to us and allowed us to demolish this house under a residential rather than a commercial permit – resulting in considerable savings for us.

Mar – 2011 ----- Lakeridge Parkway Construction Begins
This should be completed by year-end 2011.  Now we see all the boundaries for our property in place.  God is good !!! He did not allow us to begin building until all was in place.

Aug – 2011 ------ Sale of Tarrant Road Property
Our ‘old’ church was sold to A-life Baptist church.  We had had some other interests, but none worked out.  God had his time table and we were not going to defy it.  Again – God is good !!!

Oct – 2011 ------- Signed contract with architect and civil engineer to begin work on our new church facilities 
God has been good and His divine providence has been obvious all along the journey – now almost 6 years long.

 Jul – 2014 ------- Groundbreaking ceremony on July 20, 2014
All permits from city have been approved and building will start soon.  Building manager (Mike Spain) indicates that in about 1 year we should have a finished project for phase 1.  This will include classrooms, kitchen, ½ court gymnasium (fellowship hall/temporary worship area), office space, and the new sanctuary shelled in but not completed.  It will be completed as monies become available.                                              

Aug - 2014 ------- Construction begins with dirt work and other infrastructure work
First the trees were removed and the water retention pond built. Then around 4,000 cubic yards of dirt were brought in to level the lot.  After this, the plumbers and electricians went to work laying the water and electric lines underground along with the storm water drainage lines.  Next the concrete crews came in and built our parking lots.

May - 2015 ------- Approval of additional short term loan approved by church.
In a business meeting of our church on May 16, 2015, we approved an additional short term (15 months) loan to be paid off in September, 2016, with the payoff of the sale of our old church facility.  This will add an additional $2,400.00 to our monthly mortgage payment making it about $10,000.00 per month for the next 15 months.        

Jun - 2015 -------- Foundation for building completed. 
Almost one year after beginning construction, we have a completed building foundation.  Extended periods of rain have caused our construction to be slower than anticipated. 


FOOTNOTE:  All along this 9 year journey, it seemed that God always provided when we did not see how the monies would come.  Twice, He gave us monies from gas leases when we desperately needed them.  When we needed a buyer for our ‘old’ church, He provided.  Most recently, when we needed a lift to get our project off the ground, He gave us the proceeds from the Barney & Rita Manly estate.  Our church family has continually responded with their offerings for the building project.  Our total local offerings today are almost double what they were before we started into this building project 9 years ago.  Over the course of these 9 years, we have had lots of work days and outdoor socials at the property that have provided for many hours of fellowshipping together.  God has been good and for that we praise Him.   To God be the glory! 

“In reviewing our past history, having traveled over every step of advance to our present standing, I can say, Praise God !  As I see what the Lord has wrought, I am filled with astonishment, and with confidence in Christ as leader.  We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history”.   E.G. White, Life Sketches – p. 196